Biometric Hybrid Blockchain Technology

We at Trusto are a team of professionals with several decades’ combined experience in software, data mining, Blockchain collateral management, OTC derivatives, technology and capital markets. Inspired by the power of new Blockchain self- amending crypto-ledger technology and driven by the belief that existing Blockchain management solutions were over-priced, inefficient, and inaccessible, we decided to change things for the better.

Trusto exists to bring effective Trusto Biometric Platform and Smart Contract self-amending crypto-ledger management to all market participants, regardless of size or status or technical knowledge. We’re trusted by clients for our industry knowledge, honesty and unwavering commitment to innovation. Our mission is to promote quality, experience and knowhow in risk management and create competitive advantage for our clients by bringing new technology to a long-standing, industry-wide problem.

Through the partnerships we have created, we also strive to promote innovation within financial markets. At Trusto we are dedicated to becoming the most trusted provider of Blockchain applications and management solutions globally, relentlessly striving to promote innovation and creativity in all our services and products.

Values of Trusto
The foundation trust of all that we do begins with trust. We want our clients to trust Trusto, trust our solution and trust the investors and the crowd funders we will provide.

Our Commitment – Not only are we committed to improving the technology and solutions of our investors and crowd, clients and partners, we are also committed to remaining at the forefront of thought leadership in financial markets technology. The Trusto team was made for Innovation and we are constantly leading the way with innovative technology that persistently challenges the ‘status quo’. We think outside the box, actively pursuing new, creative ideas that have the potential to change the landscape the financial industry and blockchain technology.


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