Public sale starts on May 17th, 2018 ( 11:00, UTC)

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A new crypto era of self governing blockchain.

Fast secure transaction time and can be managed using your fingerprint. It also can be linked from Switzerland to a wide range of FIAT exchanges and all crypto currencies and it allows a free and secure transaction process.

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Public sale starts on March 15th, 2018.


We at Trusto are a team of professionals with several decades’ combined experience in software, data mining, Blockchain collateral management, OTC derivatives, technology and capital markets. Inspired by the power of new Blockchain self- amending crypto-ledger technology and driven by the belief that existing Blockchain management solutions were over-priced, inefficient, and inaccessible, we decided to change things for the better.

Trusto exists to bring effective Trusto Biometric Platform and Smart Contract self-amending crypto-ledger management to all market participants, regardless of size or status or technical knowledge. We’re trusted by clients for our industry knowledge, honesty and unwavering commitment to innovation.