What is TrustO ? First Hybrid Blockchain Engine in the world.!.. and we need 2 years to come to this new architecture and algorithms

– To be 200 times faster than bitcoin,
– To use less 200 times energy than bitcoin,
– No need for wallet or secret password to remember,
– 24-hour service CRM (using Artificial Intelligence ) and reducing the cost of today to 10 time,
– TrustO can disrupt
– All existing centralized exchanges ,
– The existing banking model & insurance and
– TrustO come with a new bonds and security’s technology ,

The TrustO throughput high processing capacity and speed 1000-1500 Tx/ Second for Public Network with 10.000-50.000 Tx/ Second on dedicated Private network has been one of the key issues of TrustO blockchain’s development conditions for the last two years. Simply put, the greater the number of transfers you want to make, the more complex the sequence will be. That means you’ll either have to invite more players, or officially call for a change of the rules by making the tiles (blocks) bigger, so the players can include more information in the blocks. In both cases the sequence will be limited in scale and by the speed of assembly. TrustO technology hybrid blockchain systems have limited throughput capacity security conditions impose by the applications and output-input.

Example of transfer of two sums of money through two different, yet simultaneous tranches, each tile will contain two unique marks. Since there are twice the number of marks on the tiles (information recorded in the blocks), twice as much time will be spent on verification. There is a way to boost the throughput capacity of a blockchain network. The amount of transactions per minute can be increased through speeding up the process of validation. Besides that, new blocks can be introduced faster if the time elapsed in putting each new block into the sequence is reduced.

Blockchain engines are complicated sets of components which provide a lot of useful features for making Blockchains. Unlike general development Blockchain, like Bitcoin or Ethereum (for building programing applications) or .NET (for building Windows applications), Blockchain engines are made specifically for creating Blockchains and have all of their components organized to do just that, to the detriment of other forms of applications. To compensate for lacking easy tools for building menu bars and widgets, Blockchain engines have A.I engines optimized to be as fast as possible and instead of using default speed and system as they contain in existing Blockchain technology’s .


TrustO Hybrid Blockchain New Architecture:

  • Public Hybrid Biometric Blockchain PoW and PoS at 100-1500
  • Transaction/ Second ( MPV already tested and perform )
  • Private Hybrid Biometric Blockchain PoW and PoS at 10.000-50.000
  • Transaction/ Second on dedicated network.
  • Patent Pending Technology / New Architecture Smart Contract
  • Automatic theorem prover technology before transactions was perform (in this way we avoid any error)
  • Smart Contract Assisted proof of the correctness
  • Biometric Hybrid Document & File Blockchain Storage (tested)
  • New Smart Biometric Contract Language Develop by TrustO (TrustO language) / Patent Pending Technology
  • Automatic theorem prover technology before transactions was perform (in this way we avoid any error)
  • Smart Contract Assisted proof of the correctness,
  • Smart Contract Natural Language using new architecture (similar as invoice software today)
  • No More wallets 5AF (or five authentications factors) and Google have 2AF
  • Scoring Credit Rating with artificial intelligence (AI) – Automate the data financial flow of work across human tasks, orchestrate the corporate financial analysis flow of work across human tasks, bot tasks and systems tasks to enable an end-to-end automated scoring process that will measure the probability of default (PD) of any corporate.
  • TrustO Hybrid Blockchain SDK-API 70 free business templates
  • TrustO Hybrid Blockchain KYC-AML
  • TrustO Hybrid Blockchain Payment
  • TrustO Hybrid Blockchain Data Storage
  • TrustO Hybrid Blockchain Digital Identity Management

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